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AWS Service Catalog List Accepted Portfolio Shares

Lists details of all portfolios for which sharing was accepted by this account.

AWS Storage Gateway Service Describe NFS File Shares

Gets a description for one or more file shares from a file gateway.

AWS Storage Gateway Service List File Shares

Gets a list of the file shares for a specific file gateway, or the list of file shares that belong to the calling user account.

Bitly Get Link Shares

Returns metrics about a shares of a single link.

Dropbox Creates and returns a shared link to a file or folder.

Creates and returns a [shared link]( to a file or folder. Dropbox for Business users can set restrictions on shared links; the `visibility` field indicates what (if any) restrictions are set on this particular lin... Shares

Returns all your shares and the containing files: Shares Create

Creates a new share. The request body is optional but can look like: Shares

Lists a share. Shares Destroy

Delete a share and all of its files. Shares Update

Updates a share. Currently you can only update the title

LinkedIn Add Companies Shares

Post companies shares

LinkedIn Add People ~ Shares

Post people ~ shares

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